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Cell and Molecular Biology

Bridging the Gap: Enactive Mastery for Authentic Biology Education

The field of biology is witnessing unprecedented innovation, driven by major advancements in technologies like next-generation sequencing, gene editing, and drones. These breakthroughs are crucial for addressing pressing issues in human health and the environment.
However, despite this progress, there is a growing disconnect among students in higher education. Many perceive traditional higher education as lacking relevance, creating an existential gap. And rightly so.

Creating activities for building inclusive classrooms and engaging students to think critically

Education research has shown conclusively that undergraduates learn and retain more with active learning. In this interactive seminar, I will share with you some of the different ways I use evidence-based active and inclusive learning strategies to help students learn scientific concepts, to develop their critical thinking skills, and to create equitable and inclusive learning environments in classrooms small and large.

Using structure and uncertainty to empower students

Students arrive in our classroom from a wide range of backgrounds; there is therefore very little that we can assume of our students’ prior experiences. How best can we draw students in and then meet them where they are at? Teaching is arguably about equity and inclusion, as a practice. My approach starts by first asking students to extend grace and kindness to themselves and to others – from there, I use student-centered learning and evidence-based practices to promote equity across the biology curriculum, regardless of class size.

Can cells walk & chew gum at the same time? Understanding how cells build tubes that fold and still function.

The study of cell shape has taught us many lessons about cellular function; however, we are just beginning to understand how this basic attribute drives form and function at the level of multicellular tissues. The goal of my research program is to uncover the emergent properties that cells use to generate and maintain higher-order tissue structures.


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