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Postdoc FAQ

How do I get hired as a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Department of Biology at the UW?

The first action to take is to contact the PI or faculty member of the lab in which you want to work. PI's do their own recruiting and hiring of postdocs.

Who do I contact if I want to discuss a Postdoctoral Scholar Competitive Recruitment?

Faculty and PIs should contact Patti Owens ( for assistance with postdoc competitive recruitments.

Once I have conducted a recruitment and am ready to hire a Postdoctoral Scholar, who should I contact?

The Human Resources Manager is the Biology contact for Postdoctoral Scholar visas and hiring. Please email with any questions or information on the hiring process. You may also review the Postdoctoral Scholar Hiring Overview.

I am a postdoc who recently acquired a grant. How will this will influence my current contract/benefits? 

If, as a current Postdoctoral Scholar, you recently received a grant, congratulations! The first step is to contact Hayato Kosai (, Biology's Grants Manager. Hayato will help determine whether the grant affects your compensation and how it will be paid out. 

What is the difference between a Postdoctoral Scholar and a Postdoctoral Scholar - Fellow?

In short, a Postdoctoral Scholar - Fellow receives a stipend from a training grant funding source. We have a really great graphic that explains the Postdoctoral Scholar titles and determinations for each. You can also review the overview sheet on Postdoctoral Scholars for more information. Note that Postdoctoral Scholar - Fellows do not receive retirement benefits due to their funding sources. 

Who should I contact if my visa needs to be extended?

The Biology HR team ( However, it's likely that you will be contacted far in advance of your visa end date to allow plenty of time for the extension process. 

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