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Current schedules

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How to schedule an appointment

Note: Google has updated the calendar UI but the basic concept of sending an invitation to the Cal ID of the room to make a reservation is still the same.

  • sign in to the Google Calendar of the email address you provided to the Imaging Facility, see odds and ends below if you do not have a Google account
  • click on the day to create a new event on your own calendar, click on "Edit event details" to put in the time and whatever details you desired as shown on the screen capture below
  • invite the microscope by adding its email address to the Add guests box, click save to create the event
    edit event details and invite a guest
    Tips: unless you want to enter the long email address, add the microscope's email address (Calendar ID) to your gmail contacts
  • the event should be updated with the invitation response within a few seconds
  • if there is a conflict
    • guest not goingyou will get an email saying your guest declined the invitation; in the event details, the guest will be crossed out in the Who entry, the example here shows a 10:00 – 12:00 booking
    • schedule conflictwhen you display the microscope's calendar (in green), you will see that the 10:00 – 12:00 booking (on the right side) with conflict is dimmed and the subject crossed out because there is already a 11:00 – 13:30 booking in place; compare this to a successful 09:00 – 12:00 booking to the left
  • more tips on signing up
    • all the users that can access the schedule belong to the UW group called u_if, the Biology Imaging Facility users; by default, we use your UWNetID but we can use any email address on your request
    • you can use your name as the title (the "What:" entry) because the title and time are the main display for each calendar entry
    • for the Prep Labs, please specify the relevant activities, e.g., ultramicrotomy, sputter coating, CPD, etc.
    • keeping to the conventional 3-hour blocks e.g., 09:00 – 12:00, 12:00 – 15:00, 15:00 – 18:00, is preferrable but other durations or time are ok
    • to change or cancel an appointment, modify or delete the entry in your own calendar but not the microscope's calendar which you can't do

odds and ends

  • any gmail account will work, if you do not have a Google account to access calendar and use contacts (in gmail), you can either activate your UW Google Apps for your UWNetID or sign up for Gmail
  • what works
    • in principle, any iCalendar based software may work as long as it supports inviting a guest; but the different calendar systems rarely cooperate with one other

      Example: With Windows Live calendar, I couldn't get it to invite any guest or share a calendar. However, it can subscribe and display the microscopes' calendars (as busy/free only); accepted invitations are displayed correctly in the user's own MS Live calendar but modifications are not sent back to the microscopes' Google calendar

    • any modern browser should work e.g., firefox, chrome, IE, etc.
    • applications other then web browsers on desktop or mobile devices may work, so far only the Calendar App (works) and Jorte (did not work, cannot invite) on Android 2.3.4 have been tested for the smart phone
  • if you are new to Google calendar, the help section from Google may be useful; here are some relevant tips
    • calendar list is on the left side, shared calendars are listed under Other calendars
    • to add the microscopes calendar if it is not automatically activated, go to "Other calendars", enter the Calendar ID in the text box and hit Enter on the keyboard; or click Add | Add a friend's calendar
    • you can show or hide the microscopes' calendars by clicking on the particular entry in the calendar list
    • click on the down arrow to the right of the calendar drops a menu for various configuration e.g., go to Notifications to modify default email and SMS reminders settings
    • if you can't set up an appointment, send me an email with the desirable time, I will set one up and send you an invitation

Google Calendars URI

Calendar ID

these work like email addresses, you can add them to your Contact


anyone can use these URI to see free/busy allocation of the schedules, users already logged in with their Google account will see full details

iCal URI

some applications use these URI to subscribe and display the schedule e.g., Windows Live calendar

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