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Internships and Bio399

Taking part in an Internship while at the University is a great way to enrich your education and prepare for graduate school or a career in the biological sciences. Many employers and graduate programs look very highly upon a student who has real world experience gained through an internship. Participating in an internship can also help you develop your networking skills and open a gateway to a paid position when the internship has ended.

Getting Bio399 credit for your internship

Once you have found an internship, it may work to get credits for some/all of your internship time as BIOL 399. To do so, you'll need to read through the information and application that you can download here. When you have finished the application including the supervisor signature, please submit it to and If successful, you'll receive an add code in a few working days which you can use to register. We can also help with questions not covered in the information file.

It is a good idea to discuss with an advisor to make sure that the number of credits you choose is a good fit for your degree (these may or may not apply to your major; you must see an adviser to talk about how the credit may work in your degree requirements). 

Department of Biology

Interested in working with Biology faculty? Check out the Research Opportunities page for more information. 

University of Washington

Visit the Career and Internship Center for job and internship fairs, resume workshops, career coaching, and more. On their website you will see a link for Handshake, this a recruiting platform offered by UW. 

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