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We are located on the south side of Central campus in the basement of the Physics-Astronomy Auditorium (PAA), Life Sciences Building (LSB), and Molecular Engineering & Sciences Building (MolES). Directions to the UW Seattle campus can be found on the Facilities Services web site.

map showing Imaging Facility in Physics Astronomy Auditorium and Life Sciences Building
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Our labs are located in the basement. There are 2 convenient locations to meet with our staff.

  • the Foucault pendulum in the lobby of the 1/F
  • the access doors facing the Burke Gilman trail (marked by an orange marker on our customized Google map)



Our labs are located on level B2. We can meet you on either level 1 or B1.

  • the main entrance on Stevens Way will take you to level 1
  • the entrance off the Burke Gilman Trail is at level B1


Please visit the Contact page for our delivery address.

Floor plans

Imaging Facility labs

The rooms used by the facility in PAA are in grey (click on the image for a higher resolution picture).

Imaging Facility floor plan

Access via Physics-Astronomy complex

Access to Imaging Facility via Physics-Astronomy complex

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