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For employment and personnel questions not answered below, inquire with your respective hiring manager. Click on the personnel type to be taken to that section of the page.

Personnel Type   Contact Person
Faculty - Permanent   Zaniah Flores
Faculty - Research Visiting   Zaniah Flores
Faculty - Temporary Teaching   Zaniah Flores and bio

Faculty - Teaching Associate   Zaniah Flores
Postdoctoral Scholars | Compensation
Staff - Permanent
Staff - Temporary
Students - Graduate (TA/RA)
Students (hourly)   Payroll Coordinator
Records and Retention Policy


How to Hire Student Hourlies

Undergraduate Hires

Effective January 1, 2022, the UW’s minimum wage for UG student assistants is $17.27 per hour per the City of Seattle scheduleRead more... Please see the Biology Rate Minimums to determine compensation for all other UG positions.‚Äč

  1. If the student you are hiring is awarded Work Study as part of their financial aid, complete the online Work Study Job Description form. If you are not hiring a Work Study student, please move to step 2.
    • Using the work study 'job number' as listed on the approved Work Study Job Description form, complete the online Work Study Hiring Form for On Campus Employers. (Please note that the work study job number is different from the Workday employee number or PN number.)
    • You will receive a copy of your form submission (from step 2); forward this to the payroll coordinator (
  2. Complete the Biology Student Assistant hire request form.
  3. Once hired, the Biology HR team will provide the student with a formal offer letter outlining the details of their position.

For questions about the Work Study forms or processes, please contact the Work Study Office directly at

Graduate Hires

Effective July 1, 2021, please see the Biology Rate Minimums to determine compensation.

  1. Complete the Biology Student hire request form.
  2. Once hired, the Biology HR team will provide the student with a formal offer letter outlining the details of their position.

How to Hire Staff (permanent or temporary)

Request a staff hire

All requests to hire non-student staff, whether permanent or temporary, must be completed via Workday by our departmental HR team.

Effective July 1, 2022 if a professional staff position is less than 50% FTE and has a regular schedule, we will hire into an FTE-based position. Only if the schedule is "irregular" can we hire into an hourly position.

Research Scientist/Engineer Position Document Required: 

Research Scientist/Engineer Assistant Questionnaire

Complete and attach this document to the hire request form for any Research Scientist/Engineer title position.

Temporary appointments are appropriate for limited duration project work, staffing shortages due to employee absences or turnover, workload peaks and, in certain cases, work that may be ongoing but is limited to a fewer than 20 hours in a work week.

Temporary employment is not intended to, and may not substitute, for the employment of regular staff when a unit has an ongoing need for a person to work one half time or more. Temporary employment is not appropriate when used as a form of extended trial period before a regular appointment is developed.

Temporary Appointments

Professional Staff Temporary Position file 
This needs to be submitted with any temporary hire request. Complete and attach this document to the hire request form for any Professional Staff

Hiring classified staff

If you are requesting a classified staff hire please be aware that there are "benchmarks" for each classified staff job profile; please contact for more information.

New Professional Staff Position

If you are requesting a new professional staff (non-Research Scientist/Engineer) position please complete the Professional Staff Position Description form and attach it to the new hire request.

How to Hire Postdoctoral Scholars

According to the NIH, NSF, and National Postdoctoral Association, a Postdoctoral Fellow (Postdoc) is “an individual who has received a doctoral degree and is engaged in a temporary and defined period of mentored advanced training to enhance the professional skills and research independence needed to pursue his or her chosen career path”. At the University of Washington, Postdoctoral Scholars may be hired until four different titles, dependent upon the individual's circumstances. 

Types of Postdoctoral Scholars

Please read through these titles for complete information on each one, as set by the Office of Academic Personnel and, where applicable, the UAW Postdoctoral Scholar labor contract

  • Postdoctoral Scholar title, formerly known as a Research Associate or Senior Fellow, can be used when an individual has received their PhD degree, and that degree has already been conferred by the granting institution. Employees in this title generally meet the requirements for Union representation. 
  • Postdoctoral Scholar - Fellow title, formerly known as a Research Associate - Trainee or Senior Fellow - Trainee, is used for an individual who has received their PhD degree, and that degree has already been conferred by the granting institution. In addition, the individual will be paid from research training grants, requiring the "Fellow" 'suffix' in the title.
  • An Affiliate Postdoctoral Scholar title is used for individuals paid directly by non-University of Washington entities. This title is ineligible for pay and medical benefits. The non-UW entities include:
    • Howard Hughes Medical Institute
    • Veterans Affairs
    • Fred Hutchinson Research Center
    • U.S. Military
  • An Interim Postdoctoral Scholar title is a new title applicable only to recent UW doctoral graduates needing "a short-term appointment to complete an existing project from their graduate educational programs before moving on to other employment." 

If you need assistance determining the appropriate Postdoctoral Scholar title for your new hire, please contact Biology HR/Payroll Team.

Hiring Timelines for Postdoctoral Scholar Titles

As of 1 January 2020 the College of Arts and Sciences Administrative Support Team is managing all visa paperwork in the college. This includes J-1, H1B, E-3, and VISIT/VISER applications. The College has developed a set of deadlines to manage the process. 

  Domestic Hires (no employment visa needed)
New Submit your new hire request form 3 months before the intended start date
Renewal Submiit your reappointment request 3 months before the end date
  J-1 visa
New Submit your visa and new hire request form 4 months before the intended start date
Renewal Submit the visa and reappointment request 4 months before the visa end date
  H-1B visa
New Submit the visa and new hire request form 10 months before the intended start date
Renewal Submit the visa and reappointment request  8 months before the visa end date









How to Hire a Postdoctoral Scholar

Once you have determined which title best fits your employee's circumstances, complete the following steps:

  1. Read the Biology Postdoctoral Scholar Teaching Policy for clarification on expectations.
  2. Download the Postdoctoral Scholar Data Sheet (PSDS) and have the postdoctoral scholar candidate complete it and return it back to you along with an updated CV.
  3. Review the online Postdoctoral Scholar Hire Notification Form for information on what is required from you as the supervisor/PI. This form asks for all the information we need to efficiently and effectively complete the Postdoctoral Scholar hire. 
    Once you receive the PSDS back from the candidate:
  4. Complete the online Postdoctoral Scholar Hire Notification Form. When you complete this form, you will be required to upload the candidate's CV and PSDS.
  5. Upon receiving the form, the Biology HR/Payroll Team will review the position and then contact the candidate directly for additional paperwork required to process their appointment. A Sexual Misconduct Declaration form and background check are required.

Compensation for Postdoctoral Scholars

The following experience-based salary schedule will apply to new appointments, reappointments or anniversary dates (whichever comes first) made on or after July 1, 2021. For complete details on Postdoctoral Scholar compensation requirement, review Section 32.2 (page 70) of the UAW Postdoctoral Scholar Contract. Details on Individual Postdoctoral Scholar Salary Increases are found in Section 32.3 (pages 71-72).

Postdoctoral Scholar experience-based salary scale (07/01/2021 – 01/31/2023):

Postdoctoral experience level Minimum annual full-time salary equivalent Min monthly rate
0 (00 – 11 months) $ 53,760 $ 4,480
1 (12 – 23 months) $ 54,144 $ 4,512
2 (24 – 35 months) $ 54,540 $ 4,545
3 (36 – 47 months) $ 56,712 $ 4,726
4 (48 –  59 months) $ 58,608 $ 4,884
5 (60 – 71 months)* $ 60,780* $ 5,065

* by exception due to extraordinary circumstances for family care and/or personal illness, or COVID-19-related circumstances

NIH FY2021 Postdoctoral Trainee Stipends can be found here

Hiring Research Faculty & Foreign Scholars

Even though hiring postdocs, research faculty and foreign scholars are similar they each have different requirements and hiring processes. Please read the appropriate documentation below for your new hire.

New Hire Documentation

Prior to their first day of employment all new hires should fill out the following forms via Workday: I-9, IRS Form W-4, Affirmative Action Form, and (if wanted) Direct Deposit information.

On their first day, new hires should contact Daniel Ahn ( to set up a time to complete the UW hiring/payroll process, with appropriate documentation: 

  • Proof of eligibility to work in the US: See List of Acceptable Forms of ID
  • Social Security Card. The UW must use the name and number as printed on this card and a UW representative must visually review it.

This documentation must be provided within three (3) days of the beginning date of the appointment. Failure to comply with this requirement can delay employment and there may be a monetary penalty.

All new hires should read and sign the New Employee Safety Orientation (perferably led through by their supervisor).

New hires on a work visa will receive an email invitation to the Glacier System, where they will need to fill out additional forms via the Employee Information menu.

Resigning/Separating from the University

Employees who are resigning from their position at the University of Washington are required to submit a resignation letter. We also provide an End Employment Checklist, which employees and supervisors should review together to determine which items are applicable.

Please submit a formal resignation letter with the following information to your supervisor and which includes the following details:

  • Official last day of employment
  • Reason for leaving
  • Note whether you are transferring to another UW department or Washington State agency
  • Note whether you will be using any leave prior to your termination date

If new place of employment, also include:

  • Name of your new employer
  • Your new title
  • Location

Please contact for any questions or concerns.

Records and Retention Policy for Classified Non-Union, Professional, and Contract Covered Staff Employment -- Hired and Not Hired

Official Copy: Hiring Office
Retention: 3 years after conclusion of recruitment
Disposition Method: Shred or Delete

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