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Published: 09/14/2020

Carl Bergstrom is quoted in an article in The Atlantic on the U.S. response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The article argues that as the U.S. heads toward the...Read more

Published: 09/14/2020

Mother orca Tahlequah has had her baby.

The endangered southern resident killer whale, J35, touched hearts in the Pacific Northwest and around the world in August 2018 when she lost...Read more

Published: 09/03/2020

Jim Truman, UW Biology Professor Emeritus, is one of ten entomologists recently honored as 2020 Fellows of the Entomological Society of America.

Election as a Fellow...Read more

Published: 09/03/2020

Scott Freeman and Elli Theobald co-wrote an OpEd piece on Inside Higher Ed on active learning and how it will effectively help colleges and universities achieve antiracism, equity...Read more

Published: 08/28/2020

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) quietly changed its guidance on Monday to now say that asymptomatic people do not need to be tested for coronavirus, even if...Read more

Published: 08/27/2020

Ray Huey, UW Biology professor emeritus, lead-authored a paper recently published to PLOS ONE. The paper's findings represent the most comprehensive look at success and death rates in...Read more

Published: 08/27/2020

Christian Sidor, UW Biology professor, and Megan Whitney, former UW Biology doctoral student, co-authored a paper published in Communications Biology reporting evidence of a hibernation-like state in Lystrosaurus,...Read more

Published: 08/25/2020

Sharlene Santana was featured in this week's episode of the People Behind the Science Podcast. In the episode, Sharlene discusses her research on diversity in bats, her experiences...Read more

Published: 08/18/2020

We’ve known from the beginning how the end will arrive. Eventually, the coronavirus will be unable to find enough susceptible hosts to survive, fading out wherever it briefly emerges.

To...Read more

Published: 08/14/2020

Off the west side of San Juan Island, Deborah Giles quickly grabbed her boat’s bright yellow research flag and started waving it at a small boat chopping through the...Read more