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Conservation Biology

Studying ecosystem physiology at the Wind River Experimental Forest

In this talk, I will discuss carbon, water, and energy exchanges from a tall, old-growth forest ecosystem. This well-studied forest has a complicated vertical structure, large aboveground biomass, and a great deal of epiphytic cover. My group has measured canopy temperatures and carbonyl sulfide (OCS) concentrations at this site to better understand the dynamics of leaf and canopy energy balance, photosynthesis, and conductance. Canopy photosynthesis is inferred from OCS fluxes and compared with estimates derived from eddy flux measurements.

What does it take to recover endangered species and where does science fit in?

Loss of biodiversity is one of the most significant environmental challenges of our generation. The current rate of species extinction is estimated at more than one thousand times background levels, and wildlife population abundance has declined by more than 50% since 1970 on the basis of data collected from over 14,000 populations of more than 3700 vertebrate species.  How do we begin to improve the situation for these struggling species?


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