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Conservation Biology

Investigating the Diversity and Function of Microorganisms in Serpentine and Non-Serpentine Soils across California

Serpentine soils, characterized by high heavy metal levels and magnesium-to-calcium ratios, exert selective pressure on plants and microorganisms. While some plants are endemic to these soils, most struggle to survive. Our research revealed that serpentine-indifferent plants, thriving on both serpentine and non-serpentine soils, may be sustained by their association with locally adapted plant growth-promoting bacteria.

(In)Equities in Higher Education: Describe, Disrupt, and Scale

Educational inequities remain one of the most persistent and intractable problems in our society. Without equity, the STEM workforce will be unable to meet the needs of the growing economy and will also suffer from stunted innovation. Despite widespread efforts to increase access to and inclusion in STEM, minoritized students remain excluded from both STEM majors and STEM professions. The reasons for this exclusion are complex but instructors can play an active role in disrupting these inequities.


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