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New Biology Grad Checklist!

Complete Employment Forms

  1. Complete the I-9 form in Workday.
  2. Present original document(s) that establish your identity to HR.
    1. ​Once your I-9 form is submitted, please e-mail to schedule an appointment to present your documents in person. 

All aspects of the I-9 must be completed by Steptember 20, 2024.

  • I-9 forms will be available on September 16 at the latest. Keep an eye on your Workday inbox for updates.
  • A list of acceptable identification documents for the I-9 can be found here:
  • See the I-9 Journey Map for more information.
  • International Students: you will need to obtain a social security number for US work authorization purposes. Please see the Office of International Student Services website for more information:

Get Your Husky Card

Get your Husky Card from the Odegaard Undergraduate Library. This will give you swipe access to UW, and campus buildings, as well as act as your UPASS (for bus and light rail: all subsidized now). Be sure to bring your student number to the Husky Card Office.

Check-out Keys to your Lab

Complete the Key Request Form for access to your lab/office and e-mail the form to A $10 key deposit per key is required – cash or check only. If paying in cash, please use the exact change.

Access to the Life Sciences Building (LSB) is granted through your Husky Card. You will be receiving a message from our Biology front desk ( to confirm your access. Please be sure to respond to the request, once you have obtained your Husky Card.

More info can be found here: ​

Complete Lab Safety Training

     Review the Lab Safety Trainings with your Advisor and complete any required sessions for your lab.

Register for Classes

     To hold a TA or RA appointment, as well as for most grants and fellowships, you must be a full-time student. Full time students must be registered for 10 credits between Autumn and Spring, and 2 credits in Summer. For instructions, please visit the Course Registration page. 

   During each quarter you are taking courses on-campus, you will want to register for the following:

  • BIOL 520:  Departmental Seminar 
    • The seminar meets Mondays from noon-1:00pm at HCK132
  • BIOL 600:  Independent Research 
    • You will need your advisor’s add code to register for this course. Andrea will provide this to you.

​  During your first year, you are also required to register for

  • BIOL 500: Topics in Biology/Grad-Professional Life 
    • ​​
  • BIOL 504: Mentored Reading (3-4 required)
    • Rotation: 10 weeks/4 credits 
    • Tutorial: 5 weeks/2 credits​

Complete your Biology Website Profile

    Create your password for the Biology Website, using your e-mail address. Go to Login > Request New Password > enter your e-mail address.

To edit your profile:
            • Log in to your account on the departmental website (use your full UW email).
            • Click “My account” on the MY PROFILE panel on the right.
            • Select “Edit account”(above your profile details).
            • Select “Main profile” (beneath the View/Edit account options).

Other things to do

  • Start regularly checking your UW Email via Google Apps (login at for access).
  • Register your dependents for your insurance. Insurance coverage begins on October 1.
  • Sign up for UW Alert for campus emergency notifications.​
  • Begin establishing residency in Washington state, such as obtaining a Washington state license or ID & Registering to vote.

Begin thinking about these items for your first year

  • When rotating labs, discuss with your advisor, research, and network with other faculty in the department.
  • Complete required items on your prescription memo (from your Temp Committee Meeting).
  • Take at least 18 graded credits (by the time you take your General Exam, usually spring qtr of the second year).
  • Ask a faculty member to be your advisor.
  • Ask at least 2 additional Biology faculty and one non-Biology faculty (GSR) be on your committee.​
  • Take BIOL 502 (Grant Writing) in Spring 2023 and Fall 2023
  • Start thinking about when you will be ready for your General Exam.

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