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Keys & cardswipe access

Department contacts: Davis Chong / Sarah O'Hara

All inquiries about keys and/or card access must be sent to Access can be authorized by email. Complete the Key Request Form and have both the authorizing person and requester agree to its contents by email, then forward to LSB Card Access - Yes, can be completed by email HCK / PAA Card Access - Yes, for critical personnel and by appointment Physical Keys - Yes, for critical personnel and by appointment Key Returns - Yes, contactless, will need to wait for check to be mailed Sarah or Davis will be available for in person key checkout Monday through Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM by appointment. Please email with when you're available and we'll confirm the appointment time.

Department Key / Cardswipe Access Policy

All requests for Department of Biology keys or cardswipe access must be made using the Key Request Form, by signing this form you are agreeing to the following conditions:

  • All keys remain property of the University of Washington
  • You will NOT release key(s) to other persons
  • You will NOT duplicate or alter key(s) in any manner
  • Deposits are forfeited for lost/damaged keys. Replacement deposits: $20/lost*, $10/damaged
  • Failure to return any key upon termination of your current status as an employee/student/visitor of the Department of Biology will result in forfeiture of your key deposit.
  • You have received all appropriate safety training for the spaces you will be accessing.

Be sure to bring:

  • Completed form signed by supervisor.

  • Picture ID.

  • $10 deposit per key, cash or check only.

    • Cash must be exact change.

    • Checks should be made out to the University of Washington.

*Lost keys will be replaced by paying double the previous deposit. I.e., first-time key loss results in a $20 deposit/per key. Second-time loss results in a $40 deposit/per key, etc.

Key Returns

When you leave the department or no longer need a particular key, take your keys to the LSB Mailroom (124) and use the drop off box or email for an appointment:

  • Fill out the Key Return / Refund Form.
    • Write legibly. Your chances of getting a refund decreases if we we can't read your mailing address or email address.
  • Your refund will either be via Zelle or a paper check that will be mailed in a few days.
    • We do NOT have the option to issue checks on demand anymore. If you are leaving the country, your only option for refund will be Zelle.
      • No, we can't take deposits via Zelle.

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