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Published: 03/16/2017

Short-tailed fruit bats and New World pepper plants have an important relationship with each other. The bats eat the fruits of pepper plants, helping disperse the plant’s seeds. Plants...Read more

Published: 03/13/2017

Haldre Rogers, alumna of UW Biology's graduate program and current assistant professor in the ISU Department of ...Read more

Published: 03/10/2017

When ...Read more

Published: 03/10/2017

On Sunday, Sept.  12, 1971, hundreds of people began marching toward Matthews Beach Park along the shores of Lake Washington north of Sand Point. Families, couples, adults and senior citizens...Read more

Published: 06/15/2016

April 13, 1933 – June 13, 2016


Dr. Robert (Bob) Paine holds iconic status within ecology, and his death brings both immense loss and a reminder that he will...Read more

Published: 02/24/2017

WASHINGTON —The National Academy of Sciences is presenting its 2017 Public Welfare Medal to renowned environmental scientist and marine ecologist ...Read more

Published: 02/24/2017

Poaching is a menace not just to Kenya’s elephants, but to all Africa’s. A recently concluded aerial survey found the continental population to have dropped by nearly a third between...Read more

Published: 02/17/2017

Scientists at the University of Washington have discovered that a common type of cell in the vertebrate immune system plays a unique role in communication between other cells. It turns...Read more

Published: 02/16/2017

Live birth: Most mammals do it, some lizards and snakes do it, but archosaurs – a reptilian group that includes crocodiles and birds – don't... or so biologists thought.

When...Read more

Published: 02/06/2017

WASHINGTON, DC – The Ecological Society of America (ESA) is pleased to announce its 2017 Fellows. The Society’s fellowship program recognizes the many ways in which its members contribute to...Read more