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Published: 04/23/2021

When people think of misinformation, they often focus on popular and social media. But in a paper published April 12 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,...Read more

Published: 07/13/2021

Emily Carrington, UW Biology Professor, was recently interviewed by The Washington Post and MSNBC about the recent summer heatwave in the Pacific Northwest and parts of Canada,...Read more

Published: 04/12/2021

Watch this quick and fun TED-Ed video on hummingbird flight! Assistant Teaching Professor Kristiina Hurme and Assistant Professor Alejandro Rico-Guevara wrote the script, while graduate student Alyssa...Read more

Published: 04/06/2021

UW Biology Professor Gregory Wilson Mantilla was featured in an article in National Geographic about the earliest-known fossil evidence of primates. The oldest known primate fossils were dated to...Read more

Published: 04/06/2021

Carl Bergstrom, UW Biology Professor, and Jevin West, UW Information School Associate Professor and Director for the Center for an Informed Public, were featured in a video...Read more

Published: 04/06/2021

A paper led by Abigail Swann, UW associate professor of atmospheric sciences and biology, and Marlies Kovenock, former UW Biology graduate student, was recently published in the journal...Read more

Published: 03/26/2021

Ben Wiggins, UW Biology Manager of Program Operations, was featured in this CNBC News article on how college students learned new ways to cheat during pandemic remote schooling.

Experts still...Read more

Published: 03/12/2021

The University of Washington Graduate School published a profile on Biology graduate student and GO-MAP fellow, Donavan Jackson. In the feature, Donavan shares how he is pursuing his...Read more

Published: 02/23/2021

A wildlife photographer captured images of the rare penguin on a remote island in South Georgia in December 2019 and only recently released the photos. A king penguin "walked up...Read more

Published: 02/23/2021

When Jevin West read the news rife with number-heavy coverage of both Covid-19 and the election last fall, he kept finding new examples to bring to his class on...Read more