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Biology Postdoc Seminar: Eric Lumsden, Steven Peterson, & Sarah Guiziou

Investigating the Mechanisms of Seasonally-Driven Song Circuit Plasticity in Songbirds (by: Eric Lumsden in the Perkel Lab)

Generalized neural decoding across participants and recording modalities (by: Steven Peterson in the Brunton Lab)

A synthetic biology tool to decode the development of lateral roots (by: Sarah Guiziou in the Nemhauser Lab)

Using Core Competencies and Evidence-Based Teaching Practices to Structure Courses

Building a successful and inclusive classroom can be complicated! Using two examples of courses I teach I will outline practices I use to improve engagement, growth, and achievement in our biology students.  I will also share novel student-centered teaching practices I use to engage students in a large-lecture non-majors physiology course and how those practices have spread through my work with UW in the High School. Additionally, UW Biology has recently undertaken a new upper-division human anatomy lab course which I have designed and implemented this year.


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