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COVID-19 Prevention Plan

The Biology COVID-19 Prevention Plan will be updated as needed, to stay current with any updates put forth by the University of Washington. Regardless of vaccination status, protocols will stay in place until otherwise directed. All employees and students are required be vaccinated by Autumn Quarter 2021 (allowed to seek exemptions for medical, religious or philosophical reasons).

All UW employees are required to take the UW General COVID-19 Safety Training before returning to campus. Forward your email confirmation to your supervisor. If you or anyone in your lab will be working alone, read Working Alone Safely.

All Biology employees are required to read the Biology COVID-19 Prevention Plan document and Common Space Guidelines and their lab's individual prevention plan as provided by their PI.

Labs that use shared equipment are required to read the Shared Equipment Spaces Guidelines.

Where can I eat? A quick list of maskless eating locations.

After reading, all Biology employees are required to take the Biology COVID-19 Prevention Plan Quiz, before they can return to campus.

Supervisors should read Guidance for Learning an Employee has or may have Covid-19 .

All employees must fill out the COVID-19 attestation via Workday on days they are coming to campus. All visitors must fill out the COVID-19 Attestation Form for Visitors, Volunteers, and Vendors each day before coming to campus.

In addition, Vendors and contractors must review the University's Contractor COVID Prevention Guidance and complete the COVID-19 Contractor Symptom Monitoring/Employee Self-Attestation Certification once before working on the UW Campus. They must also review the information on this page.

Any employees planning to be on campus at least once per week are encourage to take part in the Husky Coronavirus Testing Program.

Phase 3 Updates 3/22/2021: The key takeaways are: Working from home extended until 9/10/2021; if you need an employee to come back to work on campus you must give them at least 30 days notice; and the UW is granting up to two hours away from work to be vaccinated. (Provided the time away is not disruptive to the department’s operations at that given time, no need to enter in Workday.)


Department Chair David Perkel
Department Director, Finance & Administration Michele Conrad
Department Covid-19 Supervisor Brianna Divine [with Michele ConradDavid Perkel, and Billie Swalla as backup]
HR Consultants Lauren HubbleLynn Perry
Facilities/Building Manager Alex HansenAaron Hernandez (LSB), Ron Killman (HCK/JHN)
EH&S Employee Health Center

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