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COVID-19 Prevention Plan

Updates as of 4/8/2022: Masks are optional (but encouraged--particularly during the first two weeks of the quarter). Masks are required if you are returning to campus after a Covid illness or close contact. Other preventative measures detailed in the plans below are encouraged as needed. It is also very important that those who choose to continue to wear masks inside NOT be stigmatized in any way for their choice.

You can request others wear masks in your presence, but you cannot require it. Supervisors should be aware that mask wearing decisions will have no bearing on an employee's performance rating. Supervisors must ask people who are sick to leave the premises.

The UW COVID-19 Prevention Plan has been updated with guidelines issued by EH&S as they are released. A Biology Summary Cheatsheet is available. 

Common Spaces Guidelines

Shared Equipment Spaces Guidelines

COVID-19 Public Health Requirements and Guidance Flowchart

UW: Updated Eating Spaces Guidelines  / Biology: Where Can I eat?

After reading, all Biology employees are required to take the Biology COVID-19 Prevention Plan Quiz, (updated 9/28/2021) before they can return to campus. For new employees: the quiz should be taken as if masks are still required. With the evolving state of safety protocols, the quiz won't be updated quite yet.

Supervisors should read Guidance for Learning an Employee has or may have Covid-19 .

Any employees planning to be on campus at least once per week are encourage to take part in the Husky Coronavirus Testing Program.

In-person events must be approved by the Covid response team and have an event specific prevention plan filled out by the Event Covid Supervisor. (plan template updated 3/25/2022)

Requirements for Fall Quarter 2021

All employeesstudents, and volunteers are required be fully vaccinated by Autumn Quarter 2021 (allowed to seek exemptions for medical or religious reasons). 

Employee Attestation Form via Workday. Employees (including student employees) will also need to show both sides of vaccination card/photo in the Zoom room with Biology HR Staff, MWF 8am-5pm.

Student Attestation Form (student employees must fill out both Student and Employee Attestation)

Volunteer Attestation Form (this includes guest speakers)

Vendor/Contractor Attestation Form and Information

The UW is granting up to two hours away from work to be vaccinated. (Provided the time away is not disruptive to the department’s operations at that given time, no need to enter in Workday.)

All UW employees are required to take the UW General COVID-19 Safety Training before returning to campus. Forward your email confirmation to your supervisor. If you or anyone in your lab will be working alone, read Working Alone Safely. For volunteers with no UW NetID, download the training slides and document/retain attendance records as required by Governor Inslee’s Healthy Washington - Roadmap to Recovery plan.

Autumn Quarter Guidance

Advice for Academic Units in Arts and Sciences on Autumn 2021 Instruction



Department Chair David Perkel
Department Director, Finance & Administration Michele Conrad
Department Covid-19 Supervisor Brianna Divine [with Michele ConradDavid Perkel, and Billie Swalla as backup]
HR Consultants Genevieve LeClerc
Facilities/Building Manager Alex HansenAaron Hernandez (LSB), Ron Killman (HCK/JHN)
EH&S Employee Health Center

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