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Dawning of a new era: photomorphogenesis as an integrated molecular network

TitleDawning of a new era: photomorphogenesis as an integrated molecular network
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsNemhauser JL
JournalCurr Opin Plant Biol
Date Published2008
ISBN Number1369-5266 (Print)
Keywords*Light, Arabidopsis/*growth & development, Circadian Rhythm/*physiology, Morphogenesis/*physiology, Plant Growth Regulators/*physiology, Seedling/growth & development, Signal Transduction/physiology

Plant growth is shaped by the dynamic integration of environmental, developmental, and metabolic cues. Information from many of these input pathways feeds into the highly connected network of small molecule phytohormones. Signal transduction components for most plant hormones are known and mapping of hormone interactions within the network is well underway. Recent investigations of seedling photomorphogenesis, using well-established physiological and genetic tools in combination with sophisticated application of newer genomic technologies, provide a systems-level view of early seedling development. Factors, such as light, the circadian clock, and organ-specific developmental programs, profoundly influence the hormone network. The integrative approaches described here clarify the mechanisms of signal integration while revealing the flexibility of such relationships.