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Cross-regulatory mechanisms in hormone signaling

TitleCross-regulatory mechanisms in hormone signaling
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsKuppusamy KT, Walcher CL, Nemhauser JL
JournalPlant Mol Biol
Date Published2009
ISBN Number0167-4412 (Print)0167-4412 (Linking)
Keywords*Plant Physiological Phenomena, Abscisic Acid/physiology, Cyclopentanes/metabolism, Gibberellins/metabolism, Homeostasis, Indoleacetic Acids/metabolism, Medicago/physiology, Oxylipins/metabolism, Plant Growth Regulators/*physiology, Signal Transduction

Recent studies suggest that hormones act through a web of interacting responses rather than through isolated linear pathways. This signal integration architecture may be one mechanism for increasing the specificity of outcomes in different cellular contexts. Several common themes for cross-regulation between pathways can be observed. Here, we propose a classification scheme for different levels of signaling pathway cross-regulation. This scheme is based on which parts of the individual pathways are acting as information conduits between pathways. Examples from the recent plant hormone biology literature are used to illustrate the different modes of interaction.