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Coordinate control of terminal dendrite patterning and dynamics by the membrane protein Raw.

TitleCoordinate control of terminal dendrite patterning and dynamics by the membrane protein Raw.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsLee J, Peng Y, Lin W-Y, Parrish JZ
JournalDevelopment (Cambridge, England)
Date Published2015 Jan 1
KeywordsAnimals, Cell Adhesion, Cell Membrane, Cytoskeletal Proteins, Dendrites, Drosophila melanogaster, Drosophila Proteins, Epistasis, Genetic, Membrane Proteins, Mutation, Protein Transport, Protein-Serine-Threonine Kinases, Signal Transduction

The directional flow of information in neurons depends on compartmentalization: dendrites receive inputs whereas axons transmit them. Axons and dendrites likewise contain structurally and functionally distinct subcompartments. Axon/dendrite compartmentalization can be attributed to neuronal polarization, but the developmental origin of subcompartments in axons and dendrites is less well understood. To identify the developmental bases for compartment-specific patterning in dendrites, we screened for mutations that affect discrete dendritic domains in Drosophila sensory neurons. From this screen, we identified mutations that affected distinct aspects of terminal dendrite development with little or no effect on major dendrite patterning. Mutation of one gene, raw, affected multiple aspects of terminal dendrite patterning, suggesting that Raw might coordinate multiple signaling pathways to shape terminal dendrite growth. Consistent with this notion, Raw localizes to branch-points and promotes dendrite stabilization together with the Tricornered (Trc) kinase via effects on cell adhesion. Raw independently influences terminal dendrite elongation through a mechanism that involves modulation of the cytoskeleton, and this pathway is likely to involve the RNA-binding protein Argonaute 1 (AGO1), as raw and AGO1 genetically interact to promote terminal dendrite growth but not adhesion. Thus, Raw defines a potential point of convergence in distinct pathways shaping terminal dendrite patterning.

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