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The Tounge-Tied Hunter

TitleThe Tounge-Tied Hunter
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsGretchen. S.B.
Book TitleChristmas Crinkles
PublisherWriting with a Heart

Writing With A Heart Presents: Christmas Crinkles. This is a book of short stories about finding someone while navigating the holiday season with a matchmaking boss. All profits for Christmas Crinkles are going to Seattle Children's Hospital. Keep up with us on our Facebook page:

The Wrong Guy
Being the Girl Friday of the office means Jeanette Foster doesn’t have much time for men. Sure, there’s Paul Scott, the witty accountant from upstairs. But he’s always been more of a friend. Then she meets Zach Porter, an attractive caterer, who seems like the perfect man. With two men suddenly vying for her attention, Jeanette has a decision to make: who’s the right guy and who’s the wrong guy?

A Kiss Under The Mistletoe
Rogan is a widower and single father whose heart had ceased to feel until Sarah began working at the company daycare. Never one to make a move Rogan watched his children bond with her from afar. Sarah fell in love with the twins almost immediately, but it wasn’t until she met their father that she began to wish she could have their little family as her own. If only she knew her feelings were reciprocated.

Samantha’s Magician
Sam finds herself trapped in one of Marci’s Crinkle’s couplings and she couldn’t be less happy about it. Sure she likes hanging out with the guy but women are more her type. Enter Amanda the Great, she is beautiful and all Sam can pay attention to. Can Sam get to know Amanda while staying under Mrs. Crinkle’s radar?

The Tounge-Tied Hunter
Nikki isn’t looking for love or even a fling. Opening her bakery is her top priority, but she can’t seem to take her eyes off Evan. Evan is in a bad spot due to a family curse. The Hunter men are cursed to have trouble talking to ‘the one’ when they meet her. Just his luck Nikki is it and she is coming to the company holiday party.

Just Joe
The last thing Amber Michen wants to do is be at the office Christmas party. Even though eyeing the cute bartender helps the situation, she still feels like a Scrooge, and she is gassy. Unfortunately, the self-proclaimed office matchmaker Marci Crinkle seems to have other plans, and those plans involve somebody Amber had never considered for a boyfriend.