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Biological invasions alter environmental microbiomes: A meta-analysis

TitleBiological invasions alter environmental microbiomes: A meta-analysis
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsMalacrinò A, Sadowski VA, Martin TK, De Oliveira NCavichioll, Brackett IJ, Feller JD, Harris KJ, Heredia OCombita, Vescio R, Bennett AE
JournalPLoS ONE
ISBN Number1111111111

Biological invasions impact both agricultural and natural systems. The damage can be quantified in terms of both economic loss and reduction of biodiversity. Although the literature is quite rich about the impact of invasive species on plant and animal communities, their impact on environmental microbiomes is underexplored. Here, we re-analyze publicly available data using a common framework to create a global synthesis of the effects of biological invasions on environmental microbial communities. Our findings suggest that non-native species are responsible for the loss of microbial diversity and shifts in the structure of microbial populations. Therefore, the impact of biological invasions on native ecosystems might be more pervasive than previously thought, influencing both macro- and micro-biomes. We also identified gaps in the literature which encourage research on a wider variety of environments and invaders, and the influence of invaders across seasons and geographical ranges.