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The Big City Bachelor

TitleThe Big City Bachelor
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsGretchen. S.B.
Book TitleHighland's Fourth
PublisherWriting with a Heart

Writing with a Heart presents five stories of romance for the city of Highland Lake:

A Fourth to Remember
Rose McKenzie
“My love, my Jared,” Sharon writes, just as she begins every letter to her husband on deployment. With Fourth of July approaching and her due date past, Sharon finds strength in the only man that understands what she's going through and prepared for an uneventful Fourth of July that may turn out to be her most memorable one yet.

Counting to Ten
By Heather Brianne Kirley
After a two year absence, Cassie Reid is returning home to celebrate the Fourth of July with her family. And do her best to ignore the broken heart that left town with her. But an accidental encounter with a stranger on a train leads to adventure, the possibility of new love, and the chance to move on.

Fireworks of Attraction
Jennifer McLaughlin
Gabby is very pregnant and ready to raise this baby on her own. When a new OBGYN comes to Highland Lake, she is instantly attracted. Fourth of July comes and the fireworks boom and sparks fly between them. And maybe a baby?

Fools on the Fourth
Violette Vernier
What do you do when you're in love with your best friend? Live in denial, of course. Zach was managing just fine until said best friend and roommate, Dan, asks him for a favor. Come home with him for the Fourth of July and pretend they're dating for his family who assumes they're already together. Unsure if he can survive the trip, but unable to say no, Zach goes along for the most frustrating holiday ever.

The Big City Bachelor
Gretchen S. B.
Dylan comes home three times a year to Highland Lake because his mother demands it. But big city life is more his style, until he stumbles upon the beautiful Lila. Will an interesting business opportunity and this quirky librarian be enough to make even this big city bachelor want to settle down?