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As above, so below: Auxin's role in lateral organ development

TitleAs above, so below: Auxin's role in lateral organ development
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsTaylor-Teeples M, Lanctot A, Nemhauser JL
JournalDevelopmental Biology
Pagination156 - 164
Date Published01/2016

Organogenesis requires the coordination of many highly-regulated developmental processes, including cell fate determination, cell division and growth, and cell-cell communication. For tissue- and organ-scale coordination, a network of regulators enables molecular events in individual cells to translate into multicellular changes in structure and functional capacity. One recurrent theme in plant developmental networks is a central role for plant hormones, especially auxin. Here, we focus first on describing recent advances in understanding lateral root development, one of the best-studied examples of auxin-mediated organogenesis. We then use this framework to examine the parallel process of emergence of lateral organs in the shoot-a process called phyllotaxy. This comparison reveals a high degree of conservation, highlighting auxin's pivotal role determining overall plant architecture.

Short TitleDevelopmental Biology
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