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Published: 07/11/2018

Forty years ago biology professor Jim Kenagy set out for Frenchman Coulee near Vantage, Washington, with a group of students to meet the beetles. Not the rock band from...Read more

Published: 07/09/2018

Congratulations to Affiliate Associate Professor Popi Borboroglu for winning the National Geographic/Howard G. Buffett Award for Leadership in...Read more

Published: 07/03/2018

There’s no soft or polite way to say this. The trial run of the University of Washington’s class “Calling Bull—-” by Carl Bergstrom and Jevin West went well...Read more

Published: 06/28/2018

In a paper published April 5 in the journal ...Read more

Published: 06/28/2018

The Pacific Northwest’s annual high-country wildflower season is gradually emerging in some locales, and still awaiting a meltout in others. This year’s show is shaping up to be a good season,...Read more

Published: 06/22/2018

The Hille Ris Lambers lab set out to explore if pollinators are important for determining the range distributions of plants, specifically the flowering plant Erythronium montanum...Read more

Published: 06/20/2018

A new analysis by scientists from Auburn University, the University of Washington and three other collaborating institutions suggests the value of structured research programs for undergraduates extends to society as...Read more

Published: 06/12/2018

Dee Boersma was recently interviewed by PEW Podcast 'After the Fact' on the penguin population in Punta Tombo, Argentina.

Stat: The penguin population in Punta Tombo, Argentina, has...Read more

Published: 06/07/2018

Congratulations to Alice Ranjan and Fleur Anteau on winning the 2018 Husky Seed Fund Award!  They, along with other students, will be using the award to produce Capillaries Journal. The journal will be...Read more

Published: 05/18/2018

A University of Washington-led ...Read more