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Published: 02/01/2024

Daniel Promislow, UW Biology Professor, was recently interviewed by KUOW on the “Dog Aging Project,” which he co-founded to study how dogs age. 

Dogs share so much of...Read more

Published: 01/17/2024

Alejandro Rico-Guevara, UW Biology Associate Professor and curator of ornithology at the UW Burke Museum, was recently interviewed by KUOW on his research on hummingbirds

Alejandro Rico-Guevara remembers when...Read more

Published: 12/27/2023

Three UW Biology undergraduate students were recently named 2023-2024 Levinson ScholarsThe Levinson Emerging Scholars (LES) Program is designed to support students who work...Read more

Published: 12/27/2023

A new paper out of the Paredez lab was published in Nature Communications. Authors on the paper include postdoctoral scholar Han-Wei Shih, research scientist Germain Alas, and...Read more

Published: 12/27/2023

UW News has posted a story about the first findings of a new project to understand how a unique group of closely-related bat species evolved wildly different jaws, teeth...Read more

Published: 12/27/2023

Biology Professor Dee Boersma was featured in an article in The New York Times Magazine as one of many scientists watching their life's work disappear as they witness...Read more

Published: 12/27/2023

UW Biology student Tawni Rodríguez Ng was recently named a 2023 UW Homecoming Scholar. The Homecoming Scholars honors six extraordinary students across the UW whose stories exemplify Husky...Read more

Published: 12/27/2023

Congratulations to the Rico-Guevara lab members, David Cuban, Amanda Hewes, and Alejo Rico-Guevara, on being featured in Science on their work on hummingbird tongues! 

Excerpt from the Science article:

TONGUE...Read more

Published: 12/27/2023

UW Biology professor Horacio de la Iglesia co-authored a white paper describing the significance of repeated, chronic jet lag on student-athlete health and performance - both in academics...Read more

Published: 12/27/2023

UW Biology undergraduate student Samantha-Lynn Martinez was featured in a UW Undergraduate Academic Affairs student story on her experience of belonging through the UW Honors Program. Samantha-Lynn...Read more