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Published: 04/11/2023

Sam Wasser, UW Biology Research Professor, co-executive director of the Center for Environmental Forensic Science, and Endowed Chair in Conservation Biology, was named a Fellow of the...Read more

Published: 03/09/2023

The Abrahms Lab - Briana Abrahms, Biology assistant professor; Kasim Rafiq, Biology postdoctoral researcher; and Leigh West, Biology graduate student - was featured on the UW...Read more

Published: 03/08/2023

In a paper published in Nature Climate Change, a team of researchers led by the UW's Center for Ecosystem Sentinels reports that climate change is increasing human-wildlife conflicts globally....Read more

Published: 01/20/2023

New research from the Rasmussen lab on the touch system in zebrafish as a new model to study Merkel cell development and maintenance was recently published in eLife. The study...Read more

Published: 01/20/2023

New research from scientists in the UW Center for Ecosystem Sentinels about the impact of climate change on a migratory marine predator was recently published in UW News.
...Read more

Published: 01/20/2023

Congratulations to Sue Moore, Biology Affiliate Professor, on joining the U.S. Marine Mammal Commission! The U.S. Senate confirmed Dr. Sue Moore, President Biden's nominee for Commissioner of the Marine Mammal...Read more

Published: 01/20/2023

Researchers at Seattle’s Allen Institute for Cell Science and their colleagues have now developed a way to quantitatively map how these cellular components are arranged in space. Their approach, ...Read more

Published: 12/20/2022

Biology Professor Peter Ward was interviewed in a article on The Medea Hypothesis.

In the late 2000s, Peter Douglas Ward, a paleontologist and professor at the University...Read more