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A Note from the Chair

Newsletter issue:

Dear Friends,

This spring's UW Biology graduation ceremony brought 4,500 proud family members and friends to Hec Edmunson Pavilion to celebrate the achievements of 8 Ph.D. students and 402 graduating seniors. Our guest speaker, Dr. Clay Siegall (co-founder, President, and CEO of Seattle Genetics), eloquently captured the spirit of optimism that makes graduation such a cherished event for the whole UW Biology Department. graduation 2017.jpg

UW Biology has every reason to be optimistic – the construction of the new Life Sciences Complex (LSC) is on time (despite the wettest Seattle winter in 30+ years!) and under budget.  The LSC concrete structure “topped out” in late May, with spectacular views of Mt. Rainier, Portage Bay, downtown Seattle, and the Olympics from the upper floors.  Before the end of 2017 the exterior skin will be in place, and the interior finish work and greenhouse construction can then be completed. The LSC ribbon-cutting is scheduled for 12 July 2018 – we hope to see you there to get the VIP tour!  The LSC project is much more than a laboratory building and a greenhouse – it is a monument to the worldwide impact of the discovery, teaching, and outreach missions of the UW Department of Biology.

In anticipation of the opening of the LSC, UW Biology’s generous and visionary donors have contributed $10M towards the recruiting of 4 new faculty members.  We are expecting up to 1,000 of the world’s top young scientists to apply for these coveted positions. UW Biology’s reputation as a global hub of integrative biology –  working across all levels of biological organization (molecules to ecosystems) and the full range of biodiversity – guarantees that we will attract top talent. I am eager to show next year’s faculty candidates our new state-of-the-art research and collaborative spaces in the LSC, so that they can imagine the boundless possibilities for discovery and innovation!

Financial support from our friends and alumni has been exceptionally valuable in these times of uncertainty and austerity in federal and state budgets. This year, UW Biology’s endowments yielded more than $200K in scholarships, fellowships, and research funding for graduate and undergraduate students – the best possible investment in a future that depends critically on developing and disseminating scientific knowledge.

We are looking forward to our summer field seasons and scientific meetings. I trust that you will have a fascinating and productive summer, as well! Please keep in touch, and contact Lisa Tran at tell us your story or with any news items or questions.

Warm Regards,

Toby Bradshaw Sig FINAL

Professor Toby Bradshaw
Chair, Department of Biology

*PS: Check out the College of Arts & Sciences graduation video featuring Taelon Parson, 2017 UW Biology graduate! 

Taelon Capture.JPG