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Active learning research article honored in Altmetric's 2020 Top 100

Wednesday, January 20, 2021 - 13:15 to Tuesday, April 20, 2021 - 13:15

Altmetrics, a leading service for tracking the online impact of scientific papers, recently listed a study on active learning by researchers at the University of Washington on its 2020 Top 100 list

The research article,  'Active learning narrows achievement gaps for underrepresented students in undergraduate science, technology, engineering, and math,' includes UW Biology's Elli Theobald and Scott Freeman among the co-corresponding authors.

The Altmetric Top 100 is an annual list of the publications that have most captured the public’s imagination each year, based on the data collected by Altmetric.

UW co-authors on the study are Mariah Hill, Elisa Tran, Sweta Agrawal, Nicole Arroyo, Shawn Behling, Dianne Laboy Cintrón, Jacob Cooper, Gideon Dunster, Jared Grummer, Kelly Hennessey, Jennifer Hsiao, Nicole Iranon, Leonard Jones II, Hannah Jordt, Marlowe Keller, Melissa Lacey, Caitlin Littlefield, Alexander Lowe, Shannon Newman, Vera Okolo, Savannah Olroyd, Brandon Peecook, Sarah Pickett, David Slager, Itzue Caviedes-Solis, Kathryn Stanchak, Camila Valdebenito, Claire Williams and Kaitlin Zinsli. Additional co-authors are Nyasha Chambwe from the Institute for Systems Biology and Vasudha Sundaravaradan from Shoreline Community College.


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