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Creating activities for building inclusive classrooms and engaging students to think critically

Dr. Eva Ma
University of Washington, Tacoma | Department of Sciences and Mathematics
Seminar date:
Monday, April 22, 2024 - 14:00 to 15:00
LSB 201

Education research has shown conclusively that undergraduates learn and retain more with active learning. In this interactive seminar, I will share with you some of the different ways I use evidence-based active and inclusive learning strategies to help students learn scientific concepts, to develop their critical thinking skills, and to create equitable and inclusive learning environments in classrooms small and large. We will explore how to “activate” lectures, and examine a gallery walk activity that I have developed and implemented on the first day of class to help establish an inclusive and collaborative classroom learning community. I will also share an example of how I use the jigsaw method to break down data and figures from primary literature for students to analyze through peer teaching. We will detail best practices and facilitation techniques for these activities, and consider how to adapt or modify these approaches for large class settings. Additionally, I will be sharing a few of the ways I use Padlet, an online bulletin board, as a versatile tool to facilitate various classroom activities. Lastly, I will discuss my role as a faculty mentor for the Science Teaching Experience Program – Working in Science Education (STEP-WISE) and how we train postdoctoral researchers - future instructors - to use inclusive student-centered strategies in their own teaching.

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