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Evolution & Systematics

From molecules to clades: Integrative studies of bat diversification

My research program addresses two fundamental questions in evolutionary biology: how do the observable characteristics of organisms (e.g., morphology, behavior) evolve and adapt in response to ecological pressures? And, how does this evolutionary process facilitate or constrain the diversification of lineages? I largely focus on bats to answer these questions because, with over 1,400 ecologically and morphologically diverse species, they provide a natural experiment to investigate the sources of diversification.

There are always flowers for those who want to see them

The integration of developmental genetics and evolution is providing a powerful synthesis towards understanding the mechanisms underlying the generation of biodiversity. Functional studies across the phylogenetic landscape are facilitating a comparative, integrative view highlighting that genes are mostly repurposed into new roles. I will present micro- and macro-evolutionary approaches on the evolutionary consequences of the emergence of novel traits in three distinct plant systems: an angiosperm, a gymnosperm and a fern.


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