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Song Y H, Smith RW, To BJ, Millar AJ, Imaizumi T.  2012.  FKF1 conveys timing information for CONSTANS stabilization in photoperiodic flowering.. Science (New York, N.Y.). 336(6084):1045-9.
Karve R, Liu W, Willet SG, Torii KU, Shpak ED.  2011.  The presence of multiple introns is essential for ERECTA expression in Arabidopsis.. RNA . 17(10):1907-21.
McClure KD, Schubiger G.  2008.  A screen for genes that function in leg disc regeneration in Drosophila melanogaster. Mech Dev. 125(1-2):67-80%82008Jan-Feb%!AscreenforgenesthatfunctioninlegdiscregenerationinDrosophilamelanogaster.%@0925-4773.