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Angielczyk KD, Huertas S, Smith RMH, Tabor NJ, Sidor CA, Steyer JS, Tsuji LA, Gostling NJ.  2014.  New dicynodonts (Therapsida, Anomodontia) and updated tetrapod stratigraphy of the Permian Ruhuhu Formation (Songea Group, Ruhuhu Basin) of southern Tanzania.. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. 34:1408–1426.
Angielczyk KD, Steyer J-S, Sidor CA, Smith RMH, Whatley RL, Tolan S.  2014.  Permian and Triassic dicynodont (Therapsida: Anomodontia) faunas of the Luangwa Basin, Zambia: taxonomic update and implications for dicynodont biogeography and biostratigraphy.. Early evolutionary history of the Synapsida.. :93-138.