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Mail, Fax, Phones, and Shipping/Receiving

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Mail and freight are delivered to the LSB loading dock.  Mail is distributed to faculty, staff, and lab mailboxes in the three building mail rooms (HCK 417, JHN 200M.2, and LSB 124). Outgoing mail may be left in any of the mail rooms to be taken to the LSB loading dock mail credenza.

The UW Biology letterhead template is online. Envelopes are available in the copy/office supply rooms or cabinets.

Campus Mail

<name> c/o <lab name>
Box 351800

Recipients without a departmental mailbox must include the name of who their mail should be routed through.

Each mail room has a posted list of departmental mailboxes and a place to leave outgoing mail for pickup.


US Postal Service Mail (Picked up from LSB weekdays)

<name> c/o <lab name>
UW Biology
Box 351800
Seattle, WA 98195-1800


Recipients without a departmental mailbox must include the name of who their mail should be routed through.

Outgoing mail should be stamped or have a university barcode label. Barcodes are placed under the return address. To order barcodes contact with a budget number. 


UPS & FedEx Shipping (Pick up cutoffs: UPS 1 PM; FedEx 1 PM)


<name> c/o <lab name>
UW Biology
Life Sciences Bldg Rm B147A
4000 15th Ave NE   
Seattle, WA 98195

To send out DHL, UPS, or FedEx packages, email (monitored by both Eddie Sabiniano and Sarah O'Hara). Information required: recipient's address/phone number, package dimensions/weight, budget information, and desired shipping speed. There are FedEx and UPS shipping supplies on the lower rung of the cart outside the stockroom.

If you are shipping a package on your own, you must notify Eddie or Sarah to call for pickup.

If you are shipping dry ice, you are REQUIRED to take the online training through EH&S. Print out your certificate and bring it to the stockroom to remain on file.

If you are receiving a FedEx or UPS package as well as being billed for it, have the sender reference the budget number you want to use.  If a bill comes in with no budget number, it will be paid from your indirect costs or start-up budget by default.

If you are shipping equipment, it is recommended you insure it through the UW, return an insurance request to If you are taking equipment abroad contact for a customs letter.


FHL Courier

As of Sept. 2021, there is no regular FHL courier.

Send personal mail/items via USPS to: FHL, 620 University Road, Friday Harbor, WA 98250.


Phones & Fax

Hitchcock Hall
Phone (Undergraduate Academic Services Office): 206-543-9120
Fax (4th floor mailroom): 206-685-1728 [cover sheet]
Fax (office): 206-543-4649 [cover sheet]

Life Sciences Building
Phone (Administrative Office in Kincaid): 206-543-1620
Fax (mailroom): 206-543-3041 [cover sheet]

Johnson Hall
Fax (office vestibule): 206-221-5253 [cover sheet]


Dialing instructions:

On-campus: last 5 digits of phone number.

Local: 9 + area code and phone number.

Long distance: 9 + 1 + area code and phone number (UWATTS code no longer needed).

International: 9 + 011 + country code and phone number (pause) UWATTS code.

International faxing: 9 (pause) 011 + country code and phone number (pause) UWATTS code.

Long distance phone codes (UWATTS) are only needed for faxing.  UW-IT deleted all the UWATTS codes that hadn't been used in a while, so if your code isn't working, you will need to request a new one from

Phone tech support is provided by UW IT Connect.

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