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Printing to copiers

How to print from your computer to the departmental copiers.



Install the driver for Windows

  1. Download the driver installer for the appropriate printer.
    Hostname or IP address: see table below

    Printer Installer
    LSB 246 Ricoh IM C4500
    LSB 446 Ricoh MP 5055
    HCK 318 Ricoh MP 7503
    HCK 417 Ricoh MP 6503
    JHN 200 Ricoh MP 4055 
  2. Launch the driver installer file and unzip to the default folder (c:\temp), then close the zip window when it's complete. A new printer will appear in your list of printers and scanners.
  3. Print jobs sent to LSB copiers will trigger a prompt for you to enter a User ID/copy code. Grads, postdocs, and lab staff will need to contact their PI for their copy code. All others should contact Brianna Divine for a copy code.  Codes are added by UW Managed Print Services so there is a delay in adding codes to the copier.


Install the driver installer for Mac

  1. Click on the link under "Model" that corresponds to the desired copier location.





    HCK #318

    MP 7503



    HCK #417

    MP 6503



    JHN #200M

    MP 4055

    TRAY 3 (LCT)


    LSB #246

    IM C4500

    TRAY 3 (LCT)


    LSB #446

    MP 5055

    TRAY 3 (LCT)


  3. On the driver download page, choose Mac as your operating system (OS) then the correct OS version.
  4. Click the "Download" Button under  "PPD Installer."
  5. Install and configure (instructions)


If you have any problems or questions, or if you would prefer that the IT staff assist you with this, please create a help request.


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