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Tuition and fees

The department guarantees that you will receive funding for the first five years of your studies through a combination of Teaching Assistantships, Research Assistantships, Fellowships, Scholarships, or other funding (presuming satisfactory academic progress and that you meet the expectations of your positions).  Receiving one of these appointments will pay your operating fee (bulk of your tuition), building fee, and technology fee. However, there are still fees associated with your studies.
You are responsible for paying your student fees, as well as any tuition balance if you take more than 18 credits in a quarter.  These fees include the Services & Activities Fee, IMA Bond Fee, and Facilities Renovation Fee.  The total for these fees changes regularly, but for Autumn 2024 it is approximately $265.  More information about the various fees is below.
To pay your tuition, login to MyUW at Please know that there is an additional charge if you use a credit card.  Tuition payments are due the Friday of the second week of the quarter.  
Notice something wrong with your billing statement?  Contact your Graduate Program Manager for assistance.

Tuition Components (fees)

Payment Deadlines

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