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Connell M, Cabernard C, Ricketson D, Doe CQ, Prehoda KE.  2011.  Asymmetric cortical extension shifts cleavage furrow position in Drosophila neuroblasts.. Molecular biology of the cell. 22(22):4220-6.
Barry KC, Abed M, Kenyagin D, Werwie TR, Boico O, Orian A, Parkhurst SM.  2011.  The Drosophila STUbL protein Degringolade limits HES functions during embryogenesis.. Development (Cambridge, England). 138(9):1759-69.
Pratt KG, Zhu P, Watari H, Cook DG, Sullivan JM.  2011.  A novel role for {gamma}-secretase: selective regulation of spontaneous neurotransmitter release from hippocampal neurons.. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. 31(3):899-906.