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Supporting your education and research is of utmost importance to the department.  As such, the department makes a commitment to you that you will receive funding for the first five years of your graduate study.  This includes international students.

“Funding” means that your tuition will be paid (you are still responsible for student fees), you will be eligible for the Graduate Student Health Insurance (GAIP), and you will receive a bi-monthly stipend equal to at least the current Biology graduate student rate.

Department of Biology Funding Opportunities:

External Funding Opportunities:

Funding sources may change quarterly.  You may determine your funding for the upcoming quarter(s) through conversations with your advisor and the Graduate Program Manager.

Teaching Requirement

To give you a grounding in teaching the biological sciences, you are required to  hold at least two Teaching Assistant (TA) appointments (one quarter each).  You may request to serve as a TA for any course for which you feel qualified.  The Faculty Coordinator of Biology Instruction will assign TAships based on requests and departmental needs.

Submit your Funding Information

Each quarter, students must indicate their funding source, unless they are holding a Teaching Assistant position. For RAs, fellowships, grants, and other means of funding, please submit a Grad Support Request.

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Preferences for Teaching Assistantships are collected bi-quarterly for all Biology PhD students. For non-biology students, open TA positions can be found through UW Hires.


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