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Emergency loans

UW provides a centralized page with resources about emergency aid at
In Spring 2019 the Department of Biology established a loan fund for graduate students to assist with short-term emergencies with an emergency loan program. These loans are a maximum of $5000 for 12 months through the Department of Biology. The loans must be repaid by the 12 month due date, and they are interest-free if repaid on time.
There are 2 forms to be completed  and signed that can be found below, the program information form and the loan approval form. A third form, the actual loan application form, needs to be obtained from the administrator. All 3 forms should be returned to the administrator. Please read the program information form carefully before signing and returning with the loan approval form and the loan application form.
  1. Biology student emergency loan fund program information
  2. Biology student loan application form
  3. Biology student loan approval request

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