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Graduation & Final Quarter Checklist


Biology PhD Final Quarter Checklist

  1. Form a Reading Committee for your dissertation.

    • This is a subset of your Supervisory Committee, and must include your Chair and two additional committee members. GSRs can be a member of the Reading Committee.
    • Send the list of names to Krista Wintrode, at
    • Contact your reading committee to discuss the timeline for reviewing your drafts.
  2. Schedule your final exam.

  3. Defend! 

    • Return your signed graduation warrant to Krista by e-mail ( or have each of your committee members send an e-mail to Krista stating the results of the exam.
  4. Submit your dissertation.

  5. Celebrate!

    • Save the date for our virtual Biology Celebration: TBD for 2022
    • If you would like to be hooded during the Biology Celebration, please let Krista know as soon as you decide.
    • Information to rent doctoral apparel can be found here:


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