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Graduation & Final Quarter Checklist


Biology PhD Final Quarter Checklist

  1. Form a Reading Committee for your dissertation.

    • This is a subset of your Supervisory Committee, and must include your Chair and two additional committee members. GSRs can be a member of the Reading Committee.
    • Send the list of names to Krista Clouser, at
    • Contact your reading committee to discuss the timeline for reviewing your drafts.
  2. Schedule your final exam.

    • UPDATE 4/17/20: All exams scheduled through Summer quarter 2020 must be completed virtually. The University of Washington provides free, full access to Zoom. Resources for Zoom Defense practices can be found at Nature Magazine and University of Chicago.
    • Poll your committee members for a date and time that works for everyone (start early, as faculty schedules can be difficult to align!). Please be sure that your supervisory committee approves your final exam date and time BEFORE you submit it. Your supervisory committee will not see or approve any exam requests filed through MyGrad.
    • Schedule a conference room - via the online scheduler for LSB or contact Gretchen Shirley-Bellande, at, for other venues. 
    • Submit your date/time/location for your final exam through MyGrad, located here:
    • Once approved, you will receive an e-mail with your graduation warrant and further instructions.
  3. Defend! 

    • Print your graduation warrant before your defense and hand it to your GSR. Return your signed graduation warrant to Krista in LSB 419.
  4. Submit your dissertation.

  5. Celebrate!

    • UPDATE 4/17/20: The Department of Biology Graduation Celebration at Hec Edmundson on Friday, June 12, 2020 has been cancelled. Plans for a virtual celebration are pending and will be announced soon.
    • If you would like to be hooded during the Biology Celebration, please let Krista know as soon as you decide.
    • Information to rent doctoral apparel can be found here:


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