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Departmental Contacts: Brianna Divine / Eddie Sabiniano / Sarah O'Hara

To contact all three:

COVID-19, limited services: Labs will be emailed to pick up their orders. LSB orders will be on the Order Rack on each lab floor, sign the paperwork and leave in the basket. HCK and JHN orders will be left on the rack outside the stockroom for pickup, sign the paperwork and leave on the cart. How to find your order in the event of staff absences.

All purchase requests are submitted through the PurchasePath System, (PP) which replaces all paper forms. PurchasePath does not connect to vendor websites or UW financial systems.

For access to PurchasePath or to add a new budget, the PI needs to fill out a Purchasing Authorization Form and return to Brianna Divine. 

PurchasePath Guide: How to set up your account and create orders.

Consolidate orders as much as possible. There are hidden costs to each separate order you place: Staff Time (UW and vendor) + Shipping Costs (boxes and packing materials, fossil fuels, drivers/vehicles) + paperwork (trees). Let's be sustainable!


If you have an order to return, do NOT just return it yourself.  Contact the Purchasing Agent (listed on PP) and they will return it for you.  If you have already spoken with vendor tech support and recieved an RMA#, bring this information with you.


The biology stockroom is located in LSB B147A, located on the east side of the Basement 1 level. Access it via the freight elevator or the stairs opposite it (Husky card access required). You cannot access the stockroom from the west wing of B1.

Dry ice, liquid nitrogen (B148), and gas tanks (B149) are self-service. Record dry ice amount used on the clipboard provided. Sanitize surfaces touched upon leaving the room.

NEW! Use the Stockroom Ordering online store for lab, first aid, and Covid-related supplies (spray sanitizer, paper towels, hand sanitizer, and squeeze bottles (for filling with hand sanitizer), and 95% and 100% ethanol.  See very brief instructions.

  • You will receive a confirmation email when your order is placed and when it is ready to be picked up on the racks outside the stockroom. For ethanol orders, purchasing staff will contact you to set up a time for pickup. Greenhouse supplies can be picked up self-service from the cart in the greenhouse opposite room B156-GH. Sign the paperwork and leave on the cart outside the stockroom.

Office supplies are free and located in the LSB mail/copy rooms and HCK 420. 

Shipping supplies are on the lower rung of the cart outside the stockroom. Email with shipping address/phone number and details about the package: type of package (dimensions if not standard FedEx/UPS box), weight, dry ice, contents for international shipments, and budget information. You will be emailed back the shipping label. Confirm when it has been dropped off in the outgoing shipping box. We need to call UPS/FedEx by 1:00 to pick up any outgoing shipments.

For laundry service, fill out the laundry request form and email Bring your laundry to the stockroom and we will set a laundry bag out for you on the cart outside the stockroom and call for pickup. Expect a 2-3 day turnaround.

Receiving and Delivery

Orders and packages received through UPS, FedEx, or DHL are processed in the afternoons.  We've pivoted to no-contact order and package pickup. The person that placed the order in PP will receive an email that their order is/will be ready to pick up from one of these locations:

  • Perishables (all buildings): LSB B148 (Dry Ice/LN2 room) in the fridge/freezer. Sign the paperwork and leave on the cart outside the stockroom.
  • LSB Non-Perishables: The order rack set up the east side of the lab bench area. Each floor has their own rack. Sign the paperwork and leave it in the basket on the shelf.
  • JHN/HCK/PAA Non-Perishables: The order rack outside of the stockroom. Sign the paperwork and leave on the cart outside the stockroom.

  Receiving & Delivery Policy.

Purchasing Equipment

Equipment purchases over $200 used for federally-funded research are eligible for M&E Tax Exemption. On your order, submit 1-2 sentences (layman's terms) explaining the goal of your research. Your M&E Statement needs to have a hoped for outcome that shows you are translating technological information into new or improved products, processes, techniques, formulas, inventions, or software.

All orders over $10,000 (not through a contract vendor) require a sole source justification.  In other words, why this item and no other will work.  Price may NOT be a factor, as what is cheaper now may not be cheaper in the long run. 

Equipment is not automatically insured. To insure equipment, fill out an Equipment Insurance Request.

Primers and Gene Sequencing

Primers are ordered directly by the lab via Ariba (do NOT use the Chrome browser with Ariba) or through BioChem Stores.

Before ordering primers, read the Primer Order Instructions.

Genewiz Ordering Instructions:

  • In PurchasePath (PP) enter a standing order for a specified period of time with the estimated amount you think you will spend.
  • After a Blanket PO (BPO) is set up, you will be emailed the correct number to use in your orders.
  • Drop off your sample in the Genewiz box in HCK 420 or the LSB loading dock.  Genewiz picks up the samples daily around 4pm.
  • You will be asked to confirm any invoices before they are paid.

Cloud Services

It is departmental policy that any cloud services required by labs for data backup are the responsibility of lab PI to pay for. They may then be reimbursed through petty cash. This is because the vendors require auto-renewal which is too difficult to track.

The exception is Amazon Web Services (via DLT Solutions, Inc). Set up a "standing" order in PurchasePath and estimate the spend amount for 1-2 years and we can set up a blanket purchase order.

Adobe Software 

End-users can buy Adobe software subscription directly through UW-IT. You will need to know the type of license, budget, and your computer name (instructions are on the form). This includes Acrobat Pro perpetual licenses (do not order through CDW-G). The order form link is at the bottom of the page.

Named user licenses are assigned to an individual (not a shared NetID) and may be installed on two devices. 

Shared Device licenses are for a single device where the application(s) is/are available to all users of that device. 

Telecommunications Equipment Restrictions on Federal Funds

The National Defense Authorization Act has restrictions on the purchase and use of telecommunications equipment. The federal government can add companies to the list but, the ones that are currently known are Huawei Technologies, ZTE Corporation, Hytera Communications Corporation, Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Company, or Dahua Technology Company (or any subsidiary or affiliate of these entities).


To pay an invoice for already-received goods or services, create an order on PurchasePath and attach the invoice.  For item description, enter "Invoice for (whatever it is you purchased)".

If the vendor is new to the UW, they will need to register as a vendor, which can take up to a month to become active.  Plan ahead.

One-Time Payments for Individuals Form

This is for payments for honorariums, non-UW stipends, one-time services from individuals. Email to Brianna.

Data Processing Agreements

Review information from the UW Privacy Office. Your order may need a Privacy Agreement.



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