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Materials Disposal

LSB Lab Services Policies

LSB Waste Streams


Biology’s primary recycling centers are on the LSB B1 floor and loading dock. Download a lab recycling poster for more information on what is recyclable and what is not.

Paper, Journals, Magazines, Catalogs, and Phonebooks: Individual self-service bins and bagits, hallway receptacles. Custodial staff empty these bins. Do not sort. 35-pound limit for individual bins and bagits.

Do not recycle: food-soiled paper, like pizza boxes (compost) or confidential documents (shred).

Cardboard in LSB: Flatten and place by slim, black, trashcans at end of bench rows. Large stacks of flattened boxes should be taken outside to the recycling bins located by the LSB loading dock. 

E.Media: The blue E-Media recycling bin is located in the hallway off the LSB B1 loading dock. Allowable items include disks, CDs, DVDs, audiotapes, videotapes, and their cases. No confidential information in these bins. Contact Green Disk or Secure Shred to have those destroyed.

Mixed Containers: Aluminum, Glass, and Plastic Bottles: Recycling bins in hallways and kitchen areas.  They accept: plastic bottles, jars, jugs & tubs (no lids); glass bottles & jars; Steel/tin cans; aluminum cans (do not crush); cartons; plastic and paper cups; and empty aerosol cans. No broken or lab glass.

Plastic Film (plastic bags, bubble wrap, deflated air pillows, and shrink wrap): A collection bag is located in the hallway outside of the Stockroom. Anything contaminated by food or other materials is garbage.

Batteries: The blue E-Media recycling bin is located in the hallway off the LSB B1 loading dock.

Packing Peanuts (Styrofoam, cellulose, and cardboard): Remove any contamination and put in the large metal garbage cans in the stockroom LSB B147A.

Styrofoam: Remove all tape/labels and place in collection bag outside of the Stockroom.  No flexible foam (garbage).

If you have a styrofoam container with a cardboard box that fits it, bring both to the stockroom for re-use.

Toner Cartridges: Place the used cartridge in the new toner box, seal with tape, and write “USED” on the lid. The Printer Cartridges & Components Recycling bin is located in the hallway off the LSB B1 loading dock.

Pallets: Lean against the wall on the loading dock. Wood crates should be surplussed.

Pippette Tip Boxes & Trays: it is preferred that you set up a recycling program with a manufacturer:

If you don't have a recycling program set up: dispose of your pipette tip boxes as mixed recycling and pipette tip trays as garbage.


Compost bins are located in kitchen areas and some conference rooms.

Acceptable: Food scraps, approved compostable serviceware, food-soiled paper, flowers and plants (no soil), paper bags, and biodegradable bags.

Unacceptable: Milk, juice, & ice cream cartons; plastic; paper take-out containers lined with plastic; styrofoam; foil; wire; rubber bands; grease; liquids; restroom tissues/towels; painted or treated wood; metal; latex & plastic gloves; hazardous waste; and garbage.

Lab Glass

Put glass waste in a plastic-bag-lined, cardboard box.  Seal with nylon reinforced tape, mark with “LABORATORY GLASS WASTE” tape, and write the PI name and building & room number on it.  Place by the "slim jim" garbage bins.  The box must weigh less than 35 pounds and not be larger than 12x12x12.

Laboratory Glass Waste Tape can be purchased in the Stockroom.


Sharps include syringes (with or without needles), razor blades, glass pipettes, needles, and any glass that might contain blood or other contaminants. Dispose of in the red plastic sharps containers that can be purchased from the Stockroom. Sharps Information Poster.

When the container is 2/3 full:

  • Tape the lid on with autoclave tape (do not cover vents)
  • Label with PI Name / Room Number
  • Place on the green wire racks located on the south end of each research floor in LSB. Will be collected by lab services team. 

Fluorescent Lamps / Lightbulbs

Do not put fluorescent lamps in the dumpster­—they contain hazardous materials and can explode. Take to HCK 016 or LSB B146 for storage or contact Facilities at 5-8815 to schedule a pickup

Do not remove overhead fluorescent lamps, submit a work request through FS-Works.


LSB offices and open workspaces: garbage/recycling are self-serve. Empty them in the kitchen or other common areas.

Regular garbage is picked up by the custodians.  There is a 35-pound limit on bins. There are two large brown & black dumpsters by the loading dock for garbage.

Non-Hazardous Spills

Call 206-427-0497 to report to custodial services.


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