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Departmental Contacts: Hayato Kosai / Becky Johnson

The biology grants staff assist faculty, postdocs, and grads identify possible funding sources, process proposals, and oversee the administration of grant awards. It is best to start the application process as soon as possible, you can schedule an appointment with grants staff to discuss application plans, budget, and the grant submission process. Staff can also provide current rates for budget items (salaries, benefits, tuition, and indirect costs) and specific wording for certain sections of the budget justification.

To ensure the grant process flows smoothly you should always:

  • Read current guidelines and follow instructions carefully.
  • Allow enough time.
  • Respect staffs’ time: make and keep appointments. Be aware staff are generally working on several proposals at the same time—many with the same deadline. Other proposals cannot be set aside to expedite processing of late proposals.
  • Be flexible and open to suggestions.
  • Stay in touch with staff until your proposal is submitted.


Finding Funding Opportunities

Grant Preparation & Submission

Training for Research & Grants

Grant Resources

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