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Equipment Insurance

To insure equipment, fill out the Equipment Insurance Request Form and return to Brianna Divine.

UW equipment and computers are not automatically insured against damage or loss.   We recommend that laptops (<3 years old) and any equipment going to a foreign country be insured. Laptops are particularly prone to theft.

If you take any equipment to a foreign country it is a good idea to insure it and obtain documentation from either Equipment Inventory or the department for customs purposes.

US Customs forms and information about traveling with equipment.

Your personal property is not covered by UW insurance against damage or loss.  Any personal items you bring to campus or take into the field on University business should be insured on your home owner's or renter's insurance.

For more information about Equipment Insurance (rates, deductibles, etc), see the Risk Management site.

Equipment that will be submerged in water is not eligible for equipment insurance.  Plan ahead: there is a two-week turnaround for obtaining Marine & Transit Equipment Insurance.


Date last changed May 27th, 2022 @ 14:25:28 PDT