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Dept Culture Office Hour

Department Culture Office Hour

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During spring 2023 the Chairs of the Diversity & Equity Committee (DEC) and the Chair of the Graduate & Postdoc Program Committee (GPC) are holding DEC/GPC department culture office hours on alternate Fridays, 11-12:00 p.m. in LSB 302, or Join Zoom Meeting:  Meeting ID: 611 504 3636

Everyone is welcome. Please feel free to drop in for any part of the hour that you are available. We hope to see you.

To support antiracism discussions that are occurring throughout our department, including in classrooms, laboratories, and offices, we have compiled archives of DEC/GPC department culture office hour topics. The archive for the 2022-2023 year can be viewed below.  Archives of prior years are available, just send a request to Dr. Petersen,

Archive for 2022-2023 academic year

May 26, 2023: Inequality in science and the case for a new agenda

May 12, 2023: Evading Race: STEM Faculty Struggle to Acknowledge Racialized Classroom Events

April 28, 2023: Kevin Gannon's book, Radical Hope:

Apr 14, 2023: Author charts her way back from faculty burnout in new book & How to Measure Burnout Accurately and Ethically

Apr 1, 2023: Stress and uncertainty drag down graduate students’ satisfaction 

Break in Winter Quarter during Job searches

Jan 20, 2023  (LSB 501) The 7-Day Happiness Challenge - The New York Times & 

Jan 13, 2023: Quantifying hierarchy and dynamics in US faculty hiring and retention | Nature

Dec. 9, in Memoriam time

Dec. 2, 2022: Chapter 7 from The Guidebook for the Engaged University – Beyond the Academy  at: 

Nov. 25, 2022 HOLIDAY

Nov. 18, 2022: STEM faculty who believe ability is fixed have larger racial achievement gaps and inspire less student motivation in their classes | Science Advances 

Nov 4, 2022: Socioeconomic roots of academic faculty (2022) []

Oct 28, 202:  In hiring for junior faculty positions, study finds bias against female candidates who have partners or When Two Bodies Are (Not) a Problem: Gender and Relationship Status Discrimination in Academic Hiring 

Oct. 21, 2022: Paper in Science 2022 Can rubrics combat gender bias in faculty hiring?

Oct. 14, 2022: How introductory courses deter minority students from STEM degrees & Do introductory courses disproportionately drive minoritized students out of STEM pathways? | PNAS Nexus | Oxford Academic  

Oct. 7, 2022: []

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