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Other Equipment Available in the CGC

Beside the ABI Genetic Analyzers, the CGC also has a variety of other instruments useful for Molecular Biology/Genetics/Biochemistry research.  These  are listed below along with a brief decription and link to a page with more information about that instrument.

MJ Research Dyad thermocyclers.  There are two of these dual-block gradient-capable thermocyclers.  There are both 96-well and 384-well Alpha Blocks available.  See the PCR and Q-PCR page for details.

MJ Research Chromo4 Q-PCR thermocycler.  We have a 96-well, gradient capable, 4-color Real Time PCR instrument.   See the PCR and Q-PCR page for details.

GE Healthcare STORM 860 Laser Scanner/Phosphorimager.  This is a two wavelength Laser Scanner and Phosphorimager, useful for fluorescent labelled gels and blots and 32P and 35S labelled gels and blots, or any fluorescent flat sample object.  See the Phosphorimager/Laser Scanner & Plate Reader page for details.

Perkin Elmer Victor3 V Plate Reader.  The Victor is a versatile plate reader that has 5 different optical detection modes, shaker, temperature control, and reagent injectors.  See the Phosphorimager/Laser Scanner & Plate Reader page for details.

Apricot Personal Pipettor.  A simple robotic plate pipetting station that can do full 96- and 384- well transfers or plate fills and by-row or by-column transfers/fills using a  variety of tips.  See the Automated Sample Prep & Plate Pipetting page for details.

Qiagen BioRobot 8000.  A laboratory robot with a great deal of flexibility and capability.  It is designed to work with Qiagen 96-well format nucleic acid prep kits, but it can be programmed to carry out a wide range of tasks involving pipetting, vacuum filtration, moving plates around on the deck and into and out of stackers, etc.  See the Automated Sample Prep & Plate Pipetting page for details.

Biolistic Bombardment.  This machine is useful for introducing DNA into cells or tissues that have sturdy cell walls and are difficult too transform by simple chemical means.  It is commonly used in transgenic plant experiments.  See the Biolistic Bombardment & Misc. Equipment page for details.

General Lab Equipment.  This includes plate centrifuges, basic gel electrophoresis, a lyophilizer, and the Mixer Mill 300.  See the Biolistic Bombardment & Misc. Equipment page for details.

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