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Published: 03/20/2019

A vibrant sea of grasses once flowed across the North American continent: the great prairies that Laura Ingalls Wilder described as “spreading to the edge of the...Read more

Published: 03/19/2019

What is misinformation, and how — and why — does it spread? The University of Washington ...Read more

Published: 03/19/2019

*Original article by Mel Kottenbelt at ADInstruments

Congratulations to Dr. Mary Pat Wenderoth, who has received the 2019 Claude bernard Distinguished Lectureship Award!

This award recognizes an established...Read more

Published: 03/18/2019

*Re-posted from the College of Arts & Sciences Perspectives Newsletter

Small flying insects have a lot to tell us about acquiring and processing data.  As they fly,...Read more

Published: 03/14/2019

Original article by Molly Slann from The Daily - UW's undergraduate newspaper.

If you’ve ever tried identifying trees based on their leaves, you’ll know it can be quite...Read more

Published: 03/13/2019

Alison Weber has been named a Washington Research Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, according to an ...Read more

Published: 02/27/2019

The Life Sciences Building has won the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce's 2018 Building of the Year!  The seven-floor, 187,000-square-foot-research and teaching facility is designed to facilitate innovation and collaboration,...Read more

Published: 02/15/2019

Burke Museum, University of Washington, and Brandon University

Seattle—The iconic evergreen forests of the Pacific Northwest haven’t always been here.

In a recent study published in the...Read more

Published: 02/14/2019

Parenthood can be a struggle, particularly for families with multiple children in need of care, nurturing, protection and attention. But a weary mom or dad may find...Read more