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Published: 01/23/2019

There are more wolves in Washington state than officials originally estimated. A lot more.

In the most recent estimate from 2018, officials counted 24 packs. The state reports a growth...Read more

Published: 01/02/2019

As scientific funding becomes increasingly scarce, professors in STEM fields spend more time in their offices writing grant applications: by ...Read more

Published: 01/02/2019

Like most of their stout-bodied, flippered kin, Magellanic penguins spend much of their lives in the ocean. From late autumn through winter and into spring in the Southern Hemisphere, these...Read more

Published: 12/03/2018

*All photographs by Jaymi Heimbuch

In the UW's Conservation Canines program, rescue dogs find a home and a purpose in tracking wildlife scat for science. Photographer Jaymi...Read more

Published: 12/12/2018

In a paper published Dec. 12 in the journal ...Read more

Published: 12/03/2018

On October 12, the Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology recognized UW Biology Associate Professor Greg Wilson with the Alf Award for Excellence in Paleontological Research and Education at the...Read more

Published: 11/07/2018

Every autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, Magellanic penguins leave their coastal nesting sites in South America. For adults, their summer task — breeding, or at least trying...Read more

Published: 11/06/2018

Botanists at the University of Washington’s ...Read more

Published: 10/17/2018

Southern resident orcas that frequent Puget Sound may not survive without breaching the Lower Snake River dams to help the salmon the orcas live on, scientists say....Read more