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Published: 05/17/2022

UW Biology Professor Daniel Promislow was recently featured in Discover Magazine on the Dog Aging Project.

For many of us, our dogs are our constant companions. Whether...Read more

Published: 04/06/2022

UW Biology Affiliate Professor Sue Moore was interviewed in a CNN article on the death of gray whales along the Pacific Coast.

Since 2019, an international group of...Read more

Published: 04/06/2022

Congratulations to the various 2022 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF-GRFP) awardees and honorable mentions from the Department of Biology! The NSF GRFP recognizes and...Read more

Published: 04/06/2022

UW Biology Professor Emeritus John Wingfield will be receiving the 2022 Loye and Alden Miller Research Award from the American Ornithological Society. The AOS Miller Award recognizes lifetime achievement...Read more

Published: 04/06/2022

UW Biology Professor Carl Bergstrom was featured in a recent Science Magazine article for his efforts in studying - and fighting - misinformation.

When Carl Bergstrom worked on...Read more

Published: 03/16/2022

Adam Steinbrenner, UW Biology Assistant Professor, was featured in Nature for the ways he and his lab have adapted hybrid research due to COVID-19.

In the two years since...Read more

Published: 03/16/2022

Inspired by how dandelions use the wind to distribute their seeds, a University of Washington team — including UW Biology Professor Tom Daniel — has developed a tiny sensor-carrying device...Read more

Published: 03/11/2022

Horacio de la Iglesia, UW Biology Professor, was featured in an article in The Seattle Times discussing the effects that a permanent switch to daylight savings time might...Read more