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Caroline Strömberg wins UW Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor Award

Wednesday, May 17, 2023 - 14:15

Biology Professor Caroline Strömberg was awarded one of the UW's Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor Awards for 2023.

Each year, UW Undergraduate Research Symposium presenters are given an opportunity to nominate their mentor for the Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor Award. Nominations are considered by a small review committee of faculty and staff. Faculty, postdocs, graduate students, and research staff are all eligible for nomination.

Quote from the student nomination:

Caroline values the cultivation of a healthy lab culture greatly, going to great lengths to ensure that every member of the lab team feels included and has the necessary support to pursue their academic interests, even if they’re not a graduate student. When I started working in the Strömberg Lab I was worried about being an odd one out due to my age and class standings, but she made sure to get to know me and has always been accommodating to my many requests for letters of recommendation. While I don’t expect that I’ll stay with this lab forever, the team that she leads has set the bar high in terms of the level of space, support, and encouragement that I’ve experienced in her lab and the lessons I’ve learned doing my first independent project with her as a mentor will last me a long time as I progress into my career outside research.”
— Rosemary Quincy // Senior // Environmental Science & Resource Management (Restoration Ecology & Environmental Horticulture)

Congratulations, Caroline!