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Moon Draper wins 2019 Honors Excellence in Teaching Award

Friday, May 10, 2019 - 09:00

Dr. Moon Draper has a long history of teaching for honors programs.  In his experience he has found the diversity of thought, background, and perspective endlessly refreshing. So much so, that he has come out of retirement to teach again. Draper says, “Every time that I teach, I learn and gain perspective — the very stuff of life for me.”

Draper’s PhD was in Molecular Neurons-genetics.  Prior to that, he had earned several degrees in sciences. Before arriving at UW, he taught and worked with students in Liberal Arts Honours, Sciences Honours, and Health Science Honours. He was the director of the Polymath Scholars program and the Texas Interdisciplinary Program.

At UW, Draper teaches teach Medical Ethics, Modern Problems in Biology, Endocrinology, Neurophysiology, and Medical Physiology. 

“Dr. Draper knew the subject inside-out and was enthusiastic about the course content. He gave us a lot to think about, as is expected from an ethics class. He also easily pointed out loopholes in thought processes in a way that, rather than embarrassing the student and silencing the class, gave the students more to think about and analyze.”

“Dr. Draper is very kind, and really cares about each individual student and he connects his lectures to our separate interests.”

“Our final project was to draft a law regarding the usage of CRISPR technology. Not only was the assignment thought-provoking and detail-intensive in a manner that required students to think about impacts and the environment, he also met with my group outside of class at Cafe Solstice in order to go over our drafts and give feedback.”

Selected excerpts from student-written nominations

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