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Alison Weber named a WRF Postdoctoral Fellow

Wednesday, March 13, 2019 - 10:45

Alison Weber has been named a Washington Research Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, according to an announcement Feb. 28 by the Washington Research Foundation.

This is the second year for the WRF’s program supporting postdoctoral researchers. An external committee from academia and industry chose the Fellows from a pool of candidates to conduct original research, primarily in the life sciences, at Washington state research institutions.

Alison Weber is completing a doctoral degree in neuroscience at the UW and, as a postdoctoral researcher in the UW College of Arts & Sciences, will investigate how insect nervous systems use limited sensory information from the wings to achieve agile flight control.

“WRF is focused on impact,” said Ron Howell, CEO of the WRF. “We want our grant-making to provide maximum benefit for the public, and the WRF Postdoctoral Fellows are selected for their brilliance, capabilities and their drive to have impact. We’re pleased to support these ambitious researchers in their efforts to make a difference.”

The WRF Postdoctoral Fellowship program funds up to 10 new researchers each year. The application for Fellowships beginning in 2020 will be available on the WRF’s website starting on April 22, 2019.

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